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SenatorCommittee 1Committee 2Committee 3Committee 4
Adam SaubelJudicialAcademic CouncilCARE
Aileen BurkeElectionsSustainability
Alena DuDevoirTraditionsElectionsFinance
Ally KillenPublicity & Marketing
Anh BuiSustainable Design
Anthony KnightPublicity & Marketing
Brendan McDonoughPublicity & Marketing
Brianna FloystadService
Caitlyn PysherService
Colby SchweibenzElectionsCore
Conor CsongradiFinance
Craig EidleFinanceAcademic Reivew
Daniel EstevesElections
Dylan WarnerJudicial
Emily PerryPublicity & Marketing
Emily SeratchStudent Groups
Erick BlankFinance
Ethan WaughCARE
Gaia LazzariniTraditions
Holly FrancesconeService
Jamie LeesTraditionsSustainability
Jason MountainFinanceStudent GroupsInclusive Excellence
Jeff GambleService
Josh BakerFinanceAcademic Occasions
Julia AleoPublicity & Marketing
Kaitlyn FreedElections
Lacey Mac-RhyannStudent Groups
Lachelle CarmonaPublicity & Marketing
Maddie RutherfordLegislation
Madi McCallStudent Groups
Mahmood MohammadReligious Life
Matt Van PeltTraditions
Megan BernthTraditions
Natalie PotterStudent Groups
Nathan AlspaughLegislation
Nolan QuinnPublicity & MarketingJudicial
Paige OustrichLegislation
Pat OurslerStudent GroupsCore
Rachel CraftTraditions
Rachael Nelson
Ramon RiosLegislationEducational Assessment
Sarah ConwayStudent Groups
Sean FiedlerFinanceRSPCAcademic Council
Sherin TanyousServiceJudicial
Tara YoungLegislationJudicial
Tyler LatshawPublicity & MarketingTraditionsElectionsAlumni Council
Vince McGonigleFinanceAcademic Reivew
Zach DenninElectionsAcademic Occasions
CommitteeChairVice ChairRepresentativeRepresentativeRepresentativeRepresentativeRepresentativeRepresentative
CommitteeChairVice ChairRepresentativeRepresentativeRepresentativeRepresentativeRepresentativeRepresentative
JudicialAdam SaubelNolan QuinnDylan WarnerTara Young(Junior Senator)Sherin Tanyous
Student GroupsNatalie PotterJason MountainSarah ConwayPat OurslerLacey Mac-RhyannMadi McCallEmily Seratch
FinanceVince McGonigleJason MountainConor CsongradiJosh BakerErick Blank(Senior Senator)Craig Eidle
ElectionsZach DenninColby SchweibenzDaniel EstevesKaitlyn FreedAileen BurkeAlena DuDevoirTyler Latshaw
P&MAlly KillenTyler LatshawAnthony KnightNolan QuinnBrendan McDonough(At Large Member)Emily PerryJulia Aleo
TraditionsMegan BernthTyler LatshawRachel CraftJamie LeesGaia LazzariniAlena DuDevoirMatt Van Pelt
ServiceCaitlyn Pysher(At Large Member)Holly FrancesconeBrianna FloystadJeff GambleSherin Tanyous
LegislationMaddie Rutherford(At Large Member)Paige OustrichTara YoungNathan AlspaughRamon Rios
Academic CouncilSean FiedlerAdam Saubel
Academic OccasionsZach DenninJosh Baker
CoreColby SchweibenzPat Oursler
Academic ReviewCraig EidleVince McGonigle
Education AssessmentRamon Rios
RSPCSean Fiedler
CareAdam SaubelEthan Waugh
Alumni CouncilTyler Latshaw
Religious LifeMahmood Muhammad
SustainabilityAnh BuiJamie LeesAileen Burke
Inclusive ExcellenceJason Mountain

Standing Committees

Legislation Committee- chaired by Student Senate Secretary

The Legislation Committee shall be chaired by the Senate Secretary, who shall maintain in print the official documents of the Senate, which include the Constitution and Bylaws, these Standing Rules, and all legislation passed by the Senate. The Legislation Committee shall approve all class bylaws as per Article VII, Section 1 of the Constitution and Bylaws. The Legislation Committee shall draft amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws and the Standing Rules; edit and format bills and resolutions as requested by Senate and its committees; update and record all changes to the Senate documents; and propose legislation for adoption by the Senate.

Finance Committee- chaired by Student Senate Treasurer

The Finance Committee is responsible for allocating Senate funds to the various campus student groups recognized by the Senate Judicial Committee, and it shall recognize and shall put into practice the herein standards for making recommendations of allocation of funds and standard procedures for parties requesting funding from the Senate.

Judicial Committee- chaired by Student Senate Vice President

The Judicial Committee shall verify membership eligibility of all Members, enforce the Student Senate Attendance Policy, as described in Appendix A of the Student Senate Constitution and Bylaws, review and vote on all applications for formation of a new student group, as described in Appendix B of the Student Senate Constitution and Bylaws, enforce all Student Senate Policies contained within the Standing Rules and all portions of the Student Senate Constitution and Bylaws, including the appendices of both documents, handle all internal concerns and appeals from the Student Senate, including calls for Judicial Review, Impeachment, and accusations of negligence of duties, and interpret the Constitution and Bylaws, Rules of Order, and Standing Rules as approved by the Senate.

Elections Committee- chaired by Elections Chair

The Committee shall conduct all Homecoming Elections, all General and Special Senate Elections, and all elections conducted at Senate Meetings, including elections of candidates, oversee the appointment and election of all Senators to Councils and Committees, ensuring that all Senators fulfill the requirement of serving on at least one Council or Committee, and assist in voting procedures at a Senate Meeting at the discretion of the Senate President.

Publicity and Marketing Committee* – chaired by P&M chair

The Publicity and Marketing Committee shall alert the college community about important Senate events and issues as well as design campus publicity for and about the Senate, organize the community passport program, create the annual Senate scrapbook, maintain the Senate bulletin board, photograph Senate events and action taken throughout the year for records purposes, and provide publicity to any Committee or Class upon request.

Service Committee

The Service Committee shall make recommendations to the Senate regarding which service project the Senate should select by vote to fulfill during the year in which the committee makes the recommendation, schedule and plan the service project selected, and fulfill relevant duties as committed thereto by the Senate. Additionally, the Service Committee shall maintain resources for any Class Senate that wishes to plan a service project, shall assist planning Class Senate service projects as requested, and shall plan service opportunities throughout the year for Members to volunteer for, besides the one mandatory project per semester.


Traditions Committee

The Traditions Committee shall research, plan, and execute campus wide traditions that benefit the campus community. The Committee shall conduct an evaluation upon completion of said traditions.  Upon a successful evaluation, the Committee shall make recommendations about preserving traditions.

Student Groups Committee*

The Student Groups Committee shall aid Senate-recognized student groups with logistical concerns for their programming or leadership events. Senate-recognized groups are defined in the Constitution and Bylaws, Appendix B. The Committee shall contact any groups whose budget requests are approved by Finance Committee in order to proactively assess said groups’ needs.

External Committees

Academic Council

Academic Council proposes academic policy and is the overseer and evaluator of the curriculum of the College and the quality of its academic program. The Council’s function is to consider academic questions that are fundamental in nature and broad-based in scope including, especially, the core reviews policy regarding admissions standards, degree requirements, and the content and quality of the overall curriculum and the academic programs.

Academic Occasions Committee

The committee recommends policies and procedures and designates responsibilities for commencement, convocations, and other academic occasions. The committee is annual review and evaluation of academic occasions, and for recommending to Academic Council any necessary revisions in policies or procedures.

Academic Review Committee

The committee conducts hearings on cases of alleged violations of the standard of academic integrity, as those standards are defined in the Student Handbook. The committee also hears appeals of course grades, in accordance with procedures set forth in the Student Handbook. In fulfilling these responsibilities, the committee shall adhere to Academic Due Process, again as defined in the Student Handbook.

Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is a group of highly-dedicated individuals who govern and represent the entire Elizabethtown College Alumni Association (ECAA).  They serve as the voice of all Blue Jays and aim to create mutually-beneficial bonds between alumni and Elizabethtown College.  The Council also provides strategic direction for the ECAA on all matters related to alumni, alumni relations and alumni engagement.

Campus Life Council

Consists of representatives of the faculty, student body, and administration who plan and implement the annual student awards ceremony.

CARE Committee

Responsible for reviewing college AOD policy and statistics and utilizes the DFSCR checklist to complete a biennial report

Core Committee

Recommends policies related to core program and advises the Provost in matters of staffing, implementing, and funding of the Core curriculum. Meets once or twice a month.

Educational Assessment Committee

Ensures that student learning is regularly and skillfully assessed and that the results of these assessment activities are used to strengthen educational program and inform resource allocation across the institution.

Inclusive Excellence Advisory Committee

The Council will advise the Director of Diversity, make recommendations to the Provost/Senior Vice President, and the President concerning issues of diversity and inclusive excellence.

Parking Appeals Board

Reviews all parking ticket appeals; meets monthly

Religious Life Committee

Responsible for planning campus-wide programming and serves as a consultant group to the Office of the Chaplain.

Resources and Strategic Planning Committee

The committee reports to the faculty at regularly scheduled meetings of the Faculty Assembly and advises the President of the college on the allocation of resources within the college’s long-range planning. Its responsibilities include monitoring long range planning, advising the President during the long-range planning stages of budget formation, and reviewing such issues as the allocation of resources for institutional and curricular activities and institutional priorities. This replaced the Strategic Planning Committee this past year.

Sustainability Committee

“Strengthen, coordinate, and advance the College’s commitment to the values and practices of environmental sustainability through expanded programs, comprehensive planning, and designation of a campus sustainability coordinator.” More details available in the form of a comprehensive list of recommendations from a previous working group.

Tuition Planning Group

Established by President Strikwerda as a working group to research and eventually make recommendations to the Board regarding alternative approaches to the current tuition model.

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