About Us

The Elizabethtown College Student Senate is a student-directed organization whose goal is to advocate for the rights of the Elizabethtown College student body. We are composed of five different branches, including an Executive Cabinet, which plans and oversees the activities of the entire senate, and four Class Senate’s, which represent each current class year. Together, we strive to plan different activities for the entire campus and individual Class’s, and we work with a variety of different departments to improve our campus policies and environment to best fit the current interests of the student body. As senators, we understand that we represent Elizabethtown College and it’s students, and we therefore hold ourselves accountable as advocates for our fellow classmates.

If you are interested in better understanding the inner-workings of Student Senate, below is the Constitution and Bylaws, to which all senators must abide.

Constitution & Bylaws 2014-2015